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We offer fixed-fee legal services leveraging legal technology to deliver cost-effective and efficient client solutions.

Fixed-Fee Legal Services

Transparent and predictable legal costs, with a predetermined price set for specific legal work.

Retainer Legal Packages

Ongoing legal services for a regular, pre-arranged fee, ensuring consistent legal counsel availability and budget clarity.

Legal Technology

Streamlining legal processes, such as contract management, compliance and litigation, saving time and money.

Legal Wizards: Turning Your Legal Woes into Legal Whoa's!

We offer a suite of legal services that utilise the latest legal technology to provide clients with fixed pricing for cost predictability, efficient contract management systems, expert litigation support, and comprehensive compliance oversight, ensuring a seamless and modern legal experience, giving you a strategic advantage in today’s competitive business landscape.

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Specialist Fields

Our experienced lawyers are specialists in the following industries we serve:

Start Ups

Starting your business can be a time consuming and confusing process. We can help make the process easier.

Property Law

Whether you are a homeowner, investor, developer, or simply navigating the intricacies of property-related matters, having access to comprehensive legal services is essential.


Our legal franchise specialists can assist you whether you are an aspiring franchisee looking to invest in a proven business model or an established franchisor seeking to expand your brand. We understand that navigating the complex and multi-faceted terrain of franchise law requires legal guidance.

Software and Technology

Technology is forever evolving and businesses like you need to keep updated. We provide extensive law and technology advice to ensure that your business comply with the relevant laws and regulations and offer software legal assistance.

Renewable Energy and Mining

We advise on latest Renewable energy and Mining laws and regulations in South Africa. We offer extensive guidance on the mining operations in South Africa through the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act, Mine Health and Safety Act and National Environmental Management Act. Join us in shaping a greener more responsible energy future.


Insurance law plays a pivotal role in safeguarding individuals and businesses against unforeseen risks and liabilities. Our specialists in Insurance can help you navigate the complex and dynamic legal domain.

Financial Service Provider

Regulatory complexities, risk management, and compliance all play a critical role in today’s financial landscape, and legal services have become an essential component. The expertise of legal professionals such as ourselves is invaluable regardless of whether you are a bank, investment firm, a fintech start-up, or an entity operating within the financial services sector.


Legal services are of critical importance in the fast-paced and highly competitive world of Fast -Moving Consumer Goods (“FMCG”). We offer a unique approach to addressing the legal needs of FMCG businesses by delivering tailored solutions that will enhance compliance, protect intellectual property, manage contractual relationships and resolve disputes efficiently.


The business of manufacturing can be demanding, as precision, efficiency, and compliance are important when navigating legal regulations. This is why we offer specialised skills to help ensure that manufacturing enterprises are able to seamlessly within the bounds of the law.


Retail is a dynamic sector where customer experience, market trends, and compliance play an important role in the success and longevity of the retailer. We offer a distinctive and vital approach to addressing complex legal issues such as e-commerce ventures to establishments.

Entertainment and Sports Law

The entertainment and the sports industry are not only filled with fun but also comes with legal consequences. Our entertainment and sports legal consultants to assist you with all related legal issues from advising, negotiating and drafting the required legal agreements.

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Our statistics proves our competency in our work:

Our team of specialists offer legal services that are not only affordable but accessible to new business owners and existing business. We offer comprehensive services such as partnering with new business owners to ensure that they are operating efficiently, setting up companies and assisting with company structures for both start-ups and existing businesses.

A trust is a contract between two or more people whereby control over property is transferred to a person or organization for the benefit of someone else. Our dedicated legal team offers trust legal services that individuals and businesses can rely on because we provide the necessary expertise and guidance to navigate trusts. We can assist with the registration of trusts and provide support services as independent trustees.

We are well-versed in dealing with investors, protecting shareholders, restructuring businesses and drafting various commercial agreements. Our expertise also extends to corporate governance, where we can assist with various legal formalities such as mergers and acquisitions, compliance and various contractual matters, allowing companies to navigate the complex world of corporate governance and achieve growth and continued success.
Our team provide strategic governance advisory services at board and executive management level. Streamline your annual board and committee meetings with meeting management, drafting of minutes, matters arising and corporate governance guidance. We also file director changes and other CIPC filing to ensure your company is compliant with CIPC.
Safeguarding intellectual property and trademarks is a legal necessity and a strategic imperative. We want to help you protect and capitalise on your valuable and intangible assets. We offer a unique blend of legal expertise that allows us to assist you in all your trademark-related issues. Our goal is to help you secure your brand identity and creative works so maximise and protect the growth of your brand.
There are many formalities that businesses or companies have to contend with such as compliance with certain regulations, company policies, employee discipline, restructuring and even retrenchment or terminations. Businesses often lack structures in place to help them with these formalities such as Human Resource Departments. That is where we come in. Our in-house Legal team will assist you with all your labour and employment law requirements.
In today’s world, the safety of individuals and organisations is of paramount importance. Our legal team understands that compliance with health and safety regulations is a legal obligation and a moral responsibility. From conducting risk assessments to developing robust safety policies, we offer a comprehensive range of services to assist clients in navigating this complex landscape. With our expertise, clients can mitigate legal risks, avoid costly penalties and, most importantly, create safer environments for all.
In a world where tax regulations are continually changing, having a knowledgeable legal team by your side is essential for financial security and peace of mind. Our team understands that tax laws can be intricate, and compliance is vital to avoid legal issues. Our services encompass a wide range of tax-related matters, including tax planning, tax restructuring, tax opinions, and assistance with tax disputes. We are dedicated to helping you minimise your tax liabilities within the bounds of the law.
Contracts serve as the foundation for any business relationship, outlining the parties’ rights, responsibilities, and obligations. Accurately drafted contracts can help prevent disputes, minimise legal risks, and ensure compliance with applicable laws. Our team specialises in crafting comprehensive, legally sound, and easy-to-understand contracts tailored to your needs. We also offer thorough contract review services, meticulously examining existing contracts to identify potential risks and recommend improvements.
Food labelling and compliance legal services are essential to ensure the food industry’s safety, transparency, and integrity. Our team specialises in guiding businesses through complex food labelling regulations, helping them avoid costly legal issues and maintain compliance with ever-changing laws. We offer a range of services, including regulatory compliance assessments, label review and approval assistance.
All individuals, regardless of their background, should have equal opportunities for employment and advancement. Employment equity plays a crucial role in maintaining fairness and equality within the workplace. We offer expert guidance on compliance with employment equity laws and regulations, helping organisations create inclusive policies and practices that promote diversity and prevent discrimination.
B-BBEE (Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment) legal services are important because they promote social justice and economic empowerment by addressing historical disparities and discrimination black individuals and businesses face. Our team is committed to facilitating B-BBEE by offering a range of services, such as providing expert guidance on navigating complex legislation and regulations, the implementation of affirmative action policies, structuring equitable business transactions and empowering black entrepreneurs.
Our legal franchise specialists can assist you whether you are an aspiring franchisee looking to invest in a proven business model or an established franchisor seeking to expand your brand. We understand that navigating franchise law’s complex and multi-faceted terrain requires legal guidance. We offer a range of services geared towards ensuring a successful and mutually beneficial relationship between the franchisor and the franchisee while mitigating potential legal consequences.
We understand that debt collection can be a complex and sensitive matter, often involving negotiation, documentation, and legal proceedings. Our team offers a range of essential services to ensure creditors can recover what they are rightfully owed while adhering to the legal framework. We specialise in evaluating debtors’ financial situations, strategizing effective collective methods, and, when necessary, representing our clients in court.
Businesses and organisations must adhere to the regulations governing their operations or face consequences such as legal penalties, reputational damage and financial losses. Our team can help ensure that you are compliant with the necessary regulations and safeguard you from potential risks. We offer a range of services, including regulatory compliance assessments, policy development, employee training, and ongoing compliance monitoring.
Compliance with POPI (Protection of Personal Information Act) and PAIA (Promotion of Access to Information Act) is essential to protect privacy rights and promote transparency in businesses and organisations. Our team offers comprehensive services in this area to ensure compliance with the necessary regulations. We can assist with the implementation of policies, conducting privacy impact assessments, developing data protection strategies, and managing breach incidents.

Client Reviews

Our experienced lawyers are specialists in the following industries we serve:
Anton-Louis Olivier
Anton-Louis OlivierManaging Director, Nu Planet
Read More
Inhouse Lawyers provided us with access to specialist legal counsel, within a clear contract structure, with a minimum of transaction costs and delays. All in all, an efficient solution to our needs.
Dale Manuel
Dale ManuelJunior Legal Advisor, Rubicon Group
Read More
Inhouse Lawyers arranged for me to meet a representative who had the necessary skills writing NDAs and Partner agreements. It is very important that we sign agreements with companies who want to partner with us on projects as we hold Intellectual Property which we need to protect. The service we received was very professional and was completed on time and within budget. Personally I also like dealing with someone who looks a little more casual and doesn’t look like someone straight out of a big law firms boardroom.

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